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What Certified Auto Appraisers Do for You

If you have ever asked in-depth questions about the value of a vehicle, you may have heard that Certified
Auto Appraisers
are often involved in vehicle valuation. But what do these professionals do? Knowing
about the role of auto appraisers can help a car owner make good decisions about investing in a car or

The Value of Car Models
Natrually, a car or truck is a sizable investment. A late model vehicle can cost a buyer more than $20,000.
But, as with other large assets, buyers can sometimes find it difficult to accurately assess the value of a
vehicle, especially if it is used. As soon as the vehicle has miles on it, some aspects of its value become a
little bit vague, and as the vehicle gets older, value estimates may vary even more.

Using Auto Appraisers
The most common use of auto appraisers is when a car owner is trying to negotiate an actual cash value
(ACV) or other relevant value with an insurance company. In a routine sale of a vehicle, a blue book value
may be enough to help a buyer and seller agree to a fair price. However, in claims situations where
insurance companies need to pay on the value of a vehicle, the blue book might not be enough. Insurance
companies will use their own information to assess value, and the car owner may not agree with their

That's where a professional auto appraiser comes in. Someone that is certified can provide a professional
opinion on the real value of the vehicle, using market values and other factors. In some senses, a Certified
Auto Appraiser is kind of like a mediator for parties who need to agree on a fair value assessment for a car
or truck. In lots of cases, they need to agree on a change in value so that the insurance company can pay out
correctly on the claim.

Other Jobs for Auto Appraisers
In some other cases, auto appraisers might provide value quotes in situations where there hasn't yet been a
claim. An owner of a classic car might hire an auto appraiser to provide an antique appraisal, so that the
owner can present that value to insurers or any other parties. Classic car values may apply to the owner's
tax situation, to one-time insurance for classic car events, or in other scenarios where somebody wants to
know exactly how much the antique vehicle is worth.
The above illustrates how auto appraisals serve a very important role in helping vehicle owners to figure
out important financial questions. It's absolutely an essential part of financial management for auto owners
to know how much their vehicles are worth as part of their overall collection of assets. If you're in one of
the above situations, look for a certified auto appraiser who can throw in their own professional opinion.


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