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ASCAA has created course material that will educate the auto appraiser in all aspects of auto appraising including ethics and standards created by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices.


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ASCAA members receive substantial discounts on all certification courses. Once all courses are completed, the certified member will receive their certification number to use on all appraisals.

More on Course Material
In addition to the USPAP course, the courses will train and educate the appraiser in all aspects of appraisals including car part terminology, the inspection approach to ensure quality in every appraisal, the recording of documentation obtained from the automobile, the proper photographing of the vehicle and the organization of the file.

The courses will then provide the appraiser with the proper methodology in putting an appraisal together along with detailed information on how to approach a Classic Car Appraisal, a Diminished Value Appraisal,
a Total Loss Appraisal and other specialty appraisals.

The appraiser will then be trained on how to arrive at a proper value of the vehicle and how to document the information in a clear format that is easily understood and consistent.

The final exam will consist of a series of questions covering all course material. The appraiser will also be required to perform multiple appraisals from scratch including photographing, documenting, arriving at a market value and clearly documenting the conclusions according to ASCAA guidelines.

Once all courses are successfully completed, the appraiser will send all test answers and appraisals via email to ASCAA. We will then contact you within one week to go over all results.

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Courses and Fees (Course Instructions)

1) USPAP Ethics and Standards

Member Fee: $59 

2) Parts Terminology, Inspection & Documentation

Member Fee: $59 

3) Methodology, Classic Car, Diminished Value 

Member Fee: $59 

4) Market Value Conclusions and Documentation      

Member Fee: $59 

5) Final Exam

Member Fee: $59 

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