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March , 2010
Lets talk about Diminished Value

Diminished Value of Automobiles (continued)

The following are 5 of the most potential of them bubbling and boiling - - just under the surface:
#1. Most consumers don’t know what kind of parts they’re getting. They (incorrectly) assume their motor vehicle will be restored to its pre-crash condition.
#2. Too often the “Imitation Parts” don’t match the car’s contours leaving an impossible mess to correct.
#3. When it comes to fenders there are “Fit Problems”. Some require widening the holes or using shims. Many don’t match the contour of the car and require significant reworking..
#4. Replacement bumpers (more often than not) need to be re-drilled or widened leaving large gaps or uneven surfaces.
#5. Structural welds need to be inspected to verify the welding was performed properly.  It will never have the same robot weld as the manufacturer but there is a proper way to weld.  There are butcher jobs being performed everyday to vehicles across the country.

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By Jeff Hamilton
Board Member
The American Society of Certified Auto Appraisers
March 30, 2010 

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